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Five Reasons for Planning Winter Portraits

Everyone is familiar with the two most popular times for planning portraits: autumn, and the weeks leading up to Christmas!

The emphasis on fall foliage is understandable of course! Who doesn’t dream of those warm rich colors when it comes to family portraits, senior portraits, and the many other types of sessions one can plan!

In addition, when the fall school semester begins this is usually the first time high school seniors and their families start to think about senior portraits-so scheduling an autumn session is typically what follows in the race to capture images with glowing autumn leaves!

Around Thanksgiving, is also when we typically see families rushing to capture family images for Christmas cards, or, they choose to have portraits made around the holiday season because that is when most of their family members have come home and there’s a great opportunity to capture photographs of extended family members all together.

Here at Lamoureux Images, we love to embrace each of the seasons, but often we like to give attention to the times of year that people are not generally thinking about portraits.

You’ve heard me mention how fun summer photos can be especially when you are able to get creative and think outside the box a little. I’ve been lucky in the past to join families on summertime horseback rides, trips to the river, as well as summer picnics, and we have really made the most of capturing unique moments during a time of year people are not often planning portraits!

Today, I want to emphasize one of the most unique times of year in my opinion, to get great photos made, and that’s wintertime-after the holiday hustle has come and gone!

Before we dive in, I want to be clear that cold temperatures are not always ideal for small children and the elderly, so when planning such sessions, it’s important to keep in mind what everyone in the group can handle and what is age appropriate. However, bundling up your family in cute wintertime wardrobes can be fun and doable for teens and adult children. Getting cozy with quilts, or planning a bon fire on your property, or sharing hot cocoa together, can make for a fun time of engaging lifestyle themed portraits (bringing hand warmers to have just in case the temps get a little too frigid for some, is a great idea as well!).

When it is appropriate and doable wintertime images can be dreamy, and they will definitely stand out regardless of if you are in a snowy climate or find yourself in a milder wintry region. Here are some of my favorite reasons for planning winter portraits:

You can really accessorize! 

No doubt about it, if you love to accessorize, winter is for you. Scarves, boots, hats, fur…this is the time of year you have every excuse to make a statement with your wardrobe planning and stand out, and it’s so much fun!  

You can enjoy your portrait time without the holiday rush, and also make your back-to-school season less stressful!

This rings especially true for senior portraits. Jumping back into the school season as a high school senior can be hectic, so why add fall portraits to the mix? Planning wintertime portraits after you have found your new rhythm can be a great way to ensure you enjoy yourself and senior portraits will feel less like a chore you need to check off a growing to-do list.

You’ll be booking a photographer at a time when they don’t feel as overwhelmed with the holiday workload.

Autumn and holiday portrait season is a fantastic time of year, and I personally always look forward to it! Yet, with it comes stress for everyone. I sincerely love the magical winter portraits I have been able to spend time taking when I am not managing multiple deadlines and carrying on 15-20 conversations daily with different clients. I love it, and it’s simply part of the job, yet the photo sessions that come after the busy season often are some of the most rewarding for both the client and the person taking the photos.

Waiting to book last minute in the peak of autumn, or a few weeks before graduation is never a good idea!

Booking far enough in advance to ensure your photographer has had time to connect with you and understand your portrait needs is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Last minute sessions can work, but in the hustle they can feel frantic.

If your goal is autumn, make sure you’ve connected with a photographer months beforehand so you both can plan accordingly and ensure deadlines are met and the experience is an enjoyable one. This also ensures you are on their radar well in advance rather than being a last-minute booking they are willing to make in the middle of a very tight schedule.

Taking wintertime photos also allows seniors extra time for choosing the photos that will mean the most to them and finds everyone less rushed to make something happen because of fast approaching yearbook and graduation deadlines. Avoiding this is a better way to honor your senior and really make this special time more about celebrating who they are and less of a chore that simply accompanies high school graduation.

Ok, this is my favorite…

As a photographer, I am simply in love with winter light. The crisp air and lack of humidity creates clean imagery that really makes me giddy inside. I love the tones one finds during winter especially in urban areas and cities. It’s just classic, and the lack of overpowering greens from summer or the reds and oranges of fall, flatter skin tones in such a beautiful way! Frankly, everyone looks absolutely stunning in crisp winter light and it’s a timeless look that I will always be enamored with.


Wintertime simply provides more opportunities for creativity. Often, warm lights and the remaining Christmas décor that’s left up after the holidays will be present to add fun elements to your images, and of course winter wardrobes provide endless possibilities.

Lack of mosquitos (for southerners) and crisp humidity free air, along with the opportunity plan styled shoots that center around family activities like campfires, snowshoeing together, cuddling in grandma’s quilts, and cocoa drinking, provide endless material to really make your session special!

I hope this article has helped you think a little more outside of the box when it comes to the dates you consider for your upcoming portraits. Winter portraits should be on everyone’s radar, and if you think planning a winter session sounds perfect for your personality, let’s start making a plan together!



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community over content

Community Over Content with Lamoureux Images


     Being a photographer provides constant insight into what it takes to create a special place for those I want to work with. I’m challenged every day to be more than someone who desires a fully booked calendar and successful business. I’m an artist with a vision, and that vision involves making people feel valued as well as helping them value their lives more with timeless imagery!

How I execute this vision extends beyond my camera knowledge and the creation of beautiful photographs. It extends into my people skills, being able to correct website glitches, communicating concisely, and simply making sure my interactions with others are genuine, helpful, and positive. Every day, I'm challenged to take this further and constantly refine the portrait experience for others. Sometimes it seems like a never-ending process, but the process itself ultimately gives me insight into the behind-the-scenes value that needs to back up every good photograph and marketing concept!

Creating content for business owners and leaders so they can represent themselves in the best way possible, is something I thrive on. This often involves taking headshots, team photos, images of products, and branding photography. 
It's exciting to get down to the heart of what people are all about and help them get their message across in a well-represented way using great imagery. 

Good ideas are exciting, and new horizons even more so. When entrepreneurs, business owners, or leaders of organizations catch wind of a new direction to pursue it’s easy to jump ahead into talk about how exactly they wish to present their concept to the world. Yet, in the usual excitement that surrounds change and growth, there is something important that almost always gets overlooked. Nearly all of us (me included) have been guilty of overlooking this to some degree when we are fixated on growth regardless if the growth we desire is more sales, employee recruitment, business expansion, or interest in a particular cause.

What we often miss is...COMMUNITY! 

As human beings we are community driven, and if we want our ideas and dreams to see success, we need to be able to slow down and value what community already exists within our reach that will serve as the launching pad for the next exciting venture we look forward to. 

The value of community needs to be so great that when our sights are set on change and expansion, we are first prompted to look at those nearest us and ask them if they have what they need to do what they need to do, and really listen to where they are coming from. Are they equipped? Do they feel valued? Are their voices heard? Are they on board with our new vision? Does the new vision involve making the lives of those already around you, better? Is the community environment one that is so great that the existing participants will be your greatest asset when it comes to getting attention from your target audience? Let’s back up for just a minute and think about that last phrase, shall we?

Target Audience

Business owners and community leaders put A LOT of time and energy in determining target audiences and capturing the attention of those they wish to be within their circle of influence, yet it would serve us all well to turn around and look at how we are improving the experiences of those who are already alongside us.

We cannot treat past clients or employees who signed on years ago like old news. If we would only slow down and invest in these people first, whatever marketing campaign we decide to take on will gain an extremely solid foundation.

I’ve worked for companies in the past that had awesome marketing campaigns for employee recruitment yet did not provide their existing employees the resources they needed to do basic jobs efficiently. I’ve also worked for companies whose marketing completely matched
the environment and family atmosphere they fostered among their employees and because of this, growth was inevitable. 
I have also watched impressive social media accounts and websites boast top-of-the-line graphics and content while being absolutely void of any real depth or meaning. Similarly, I’ve been a customer who can tell when the person I am doing business with doesn’t care about my needs or retaining my respect any longer and has moved on to other endeavors. 

If you wish to elicit a genuine response from people you need to figure out why it’s so great to be a part of the vision you have, or own the products you're offering, or have the service experience you provide. 

Put a voice behind what you're doing, use that voice to enrich others, then, show the world what you are doing and how it improves the lives of those already around you! 

Do some serious soul searching here and get to the heart behind what you want to accomplish. Don't create hype around something you wish to see take off overnight and essentially be unapproachable or act like you are running a one man show. 

Ask yourself why people should join up with your cause, product line, vision, or company, or pay for your services. Help them to be excited about choosing you and let them be a part of what you are doing. We must give people more than empty social media posts or cool merchandise. Ask yourself if you are giving your existing clients, coworkers and peers, the best experience you can provide, then figure out where you can do better!
Marketing needs to be about what you are doing to improve the lives of those already with you as well as those you want on board moving forward, otherwise you’re just another meaningless commercial begging for attention.

We cannot merely toss content out there
(no matter how good it is) and expect people to get excited about what we are doing. We all can do better than this! Your marketing needs to match the level of care and sincerity that you are investing into those you wish to reach. High-end imagery might as well be a homemade flyer typed up one a word document with a bit of free clip art scattered across it, if you aren't ready to really put some heart and soul into all that you are bringing to the table. 

If you're after content, branding, design and campaigning, make sure the community you've created is the loudest part of the message you are conveying. Then and only then, go out and hire a great photographer and content creator who will do justice to the value you've invested into your work and will help you share it with others in a genuine way! 



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The Camera Nerd - A Poem

If you know me, you know I’m a poet at heart. I often feel this helps give my photographs meaning-as I’m always looking to take a photograph that in many ways is a poem about those in front of my camera. 

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and I thought I’d sit down and write a poem to honor the photographer poets out there who know their passion goes beyond social media likes, being entrepreneurs, and making photography their career. They are artists, and will remain so forever. 

Enjoy, and happy New Year, everyone!



Here’s to the camera nerd.

The histogram checker,

and kelvin enthusiast.

The quirky, 



The poet heart-

who sees with their soul

and frames with their mind.

The user of antiquated gear.

The eyes of whom

sees unfolding moments 

frozen in time,


Seeing the world in black and white,

and simultaneous bursts of color.

The seeker of light

and fantastic dreams;


by dust,

dancing in attic windows. 

The discoverer of beauty 

among the mundane. 

The celebrator of wrinkled brows

and graying heads.

No influencers here;

these are the quiet and patient 

enthusiasts of life great and small. 

No preset can add meaning 

quite like the heart of one 

who pauses

to watch laughter rise and fall.

Who knows how to use both

shadows and light,

wonder and grief, 

the refined and the rough,

to tell a story worth sharing.

Here’s to the camera nerd-

smeared makeup 

and crazy hair-

who lost her shoes in the crowd

because the people

were dancing;

and the photographs 

yet to be made

called from the memories 

yet to be cherished. 


-C.L. 2022





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nailing the lifestyle portrait mindset

During a photoshoot, we usually feel our most vulnerable and concerned about doing something wrong or looking awkward, and often the entire experience is a task we regard with dread!

“What do I do with my hands?”

“Where do I look?” 

“Does this look ok?”

These are questions we all wrestle with during portrait time and are natural to feel unsure about. When it comes to the type of photos I capture and the style that Lamoureux Images goes for, I let you ask these questions in the beginning and then do my best to steer you away from being overly concerned about them as the session moves along.

Mindset & trust: a perfect recipe!

If we really want to get to the heart of what makes a successful portrait shoot come together with Lamoureux Images, it’s going to be your mindset as a family going into the session, and the trust you place in your photographer. In this article, we are going to cover the important aspects of your mindset that will help calm your nerves and reset your expectations.

Mindset Tip #1: The adults take the lead, and the kids follow suit.

Parents, how comfortable you are will directly impact the mood of your children. Lamoureux Images families are all about smiling at their kiddos and taking a deep breath and relaxing while letting the moments unfold naturally with indirect guidance from me.

All that said, if you are super stressed as parents with high expectations for perfection, it’s going to impact your children’s moods in a negative way and as a photographer I have zero control over this. For my particular style, I try to emphasize continually that the session focus needs to be about having a good time and enjoying and interacting with your family while letting your photographer be there to capture those interactions.

Loving your family will always be photogenic, you just can’t ever go wrong there! So, if that is your focus during portrait time, then we will already be starting off on the right foot!

(As an unspoken rule, if your portrait vision involves rigid, structured poses and angelically portrayed children, Lamoureux Images probably isn't right for you, but don't fret, there are plenty of photographers out there who thrive in this genre of portraiture!)

Mindset Tip #2: Pretend you are celebrities

Have you ever watched when the Royal Family allows the press to photograph them on an outing? They aren’t looking for direction, they are being themselves and they have no doubt in their mind that the photographers are taking cues from THEM, not the other way around.

They know exactly who they are, what makes them special, and they exhibit a strong lack of self-consciousness (whoa!). They know the photographers are indeed lucky to get to photograph them!

You can adopt this mentality also, because Lamoureux Images is SO LUCKY to get to photograph the amazing individuals who book with us! I think it’s important for all my clients to remember that they are the ones gracing the camera like no one else can.

When you are being yourself like no one else can and loving like no one else can, it’s a beautiful thing that translates perfectly in camera.

Mindset Tip #3: Destroy your natural tendency to be hard on yourself

We photograph real people here. No supermodels, no Instagram influencers that need to nail the perfect and most flattering angle every time.

Lamoureux Images captures life at all angles and wants to give our clients a glimpse into the beauty of movement and laughter and reality (something social media finds us more and more out of touch with). We make your portrait experience a celebration of life in all its many facets!

The bar right now is so very high when it comes to client expectations regarding how they will look in their photos, and social media has literally torn apart the smallest ounce of the self-confidence we might have had because we are constantly comparing ourselves to what others are doing and how they look. 

Perfectly curated Instagram feeds are in no way a true reflection of what really takes place or is feasible during a portrait session, and photographers everywhere are running in droves to private forums crying:

“Help! I took these beautiful photographs, and my client is in tears because she hates herself and the way her kids acted and look in these! What on earth do I do?!”

We need to do better all-around when it comes to how we regard ourselves, and the pressure we place on the shoulders of photographers, even!

We have to remind ourselves that others are not inclined to pick apart our photos like we are, and that these images are also about memory making and giving our families a gift and a glimpse into seeing how wonderful and loving and perfect, the unique dynamic they all have together truly is!

Let’s try our best not to allow our insecurities to overshadow the perfect beauty that children and spouses will see in these precious moments.

Being willing to be seen and celebrated as we are, is the only way forward in a world that emphasizes unrealistic perfection, and breaking this cycle is the best gift we can give the future generations.


Repeatedly, the best sessions I walk away from are sessions with people who have a deep value of who they are and understand the unique and authentic love they have for their family members. These are the kind of people that are most satisfied with the work we do here at LI.

So…channel that inner celebrity, tell yourself you are your own royal family, cherish your unique beauty, and make a statement with the way you love and interact with those around you and let’s take some amazing photographs together, shall we?!

Stay tuned next week for part two, where we will dive in to the second part of the recipe, that involves trusting your photographer!



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2022 with Lamoureux Images

Here we find ourselves on the brink of July 2022, and I am just now sitting down to write what I would normally call a HAPPY NEW YEAR article. Where has the time gone, friends?!

I serve many people who have been with me through the earliest days of my portrait journey and have given me so many wonderful opportunities to create portraits that only get better each and every year. I am so thankful for my irreplaceable, longtime clients! Seriously, some of you have had me take your senior pictures, then your wedding photos, and maternity, and now, family photos! I cannot say enough how much this kind of trust and loyalty means to me, to truly be YOUR family photographer.

Throughout the years we have captured some wonderful memories, and Lamoureux Images has grown into a dream come true, full-time business, thanks to all of you.  Because of this growth, we have implemented better ways of running this wonderful portrait service and if you are a returner, I want to take a moment to acquaint you with a few updates to how we will ensure your experience with Lamoureux Images is worthwhile. 

We highly encourage booking in advance...

This isn't anything too crazy. Many of you know that we travel often, and this makes it difficult to plan last minute sessions for our families. My favorite thing is to start the conversation as early as possible, so you and I can be on the same page. When booking, we set up your desired portrait date, and then a rain date to fall back on, in the event of poor weather. 

We ask all clients to sign an agreement at the time of booking...

Oh, the formality! In recent years, I have made the mistake of not requiring friends or acquaintances to sign an agreement out of mutual trust for people I know well. However, this is a disservice to my clients who I do hold to this standard and it is a disservice to my friends, because an agreement paints a broad picture of everything you can expect from Lamoureux Images, and how we operate. As of July 2022, every client who books with Lamoureux Images will be required to sign an agreement before your portrait session will be confirmed. 

We require a retainer at the time of booking...

A retainer is a portion of your session fee that is due the moment you book with Lamoureux Images and wish to secure a date. The retainer is subtracted from the total cost of your session, and you pay the remaining balance the day of your portrait session. Retainers are non-refundable, and cover the time I spend working with you, providing material, and the planning leading up to your session date. Retainers can be applied to a new session date in the event you need to reschedule for any reason. 

Prices have gone up along with the quality of our work...

Running a portrait business is expensive. In order to offer better service to our faithful customers, we have to cover expenses just like any other professional. Insurance, taxes, gear, software, website management, prints, books, marketing, education, travel, props, supplies, the list goes on!

I sometimes miss the simple days gone by where you paid me $80 and within 5 business days received a gallery of 100 photos from your session, but that was when I knew very little about quality, editing, and the value of up-to-date equipment. 

Our editing process is more thorough than it has ever been, and we treat each image you purchase from us with the honor it deserves, like a work of art. This sets us apart from what is typically known as a 'shoot and burn photographer'.

We have a style closet...

You heard me! I am so excited to announce our collection of clothing that is available to any woman who books with us at no additional cost. These pieces are available on loan and must be returned after your session. We have accumulated a variety of styles and sizes for ladies to choose from and offer maternity gowns as well. Just one last thing for mom (who often is the portrait coordinator), to have to think about when it comes to the portrait experience. 

We reward our raving fans...

If you have ever booked with Lamoureux Images in the past, you automatically receive $50 off mini sessions, and $75 off our 1–2-hour sessions. This is a way of saying thank you for your wonderful loyalty throughout the years. 







We have this thing we call a "Legacy Session"...

Potentially a new favorite! I give families who book a 1–2-hour session, the option to book a mini at half price, at a later date, in order to include extended family and get that quintessential family shot that Grandma and Grandpa want of all their children and grandchildren. This enables you to have your own personal and intimate portrait experience with just your immediate family, and then schedule a separate time to get everyone else involved to get that specific image Grandma is sure to be placing on the mantle for cherishing and enjoying.

I designed this after recognizing that families need lots of time, and large groups can quickly become weary especially with children involved. A 1–2-hour portrait session is something I will let families include a grandparent or two in, but when extended family members also want to be present, it's time to schedule a separate date. When it is all about that wonderful group shot, I let you book a mini at a discount and everyone wins!

Lamoureux Images truly would not be what it is without you. Thank you for recognizing the value of my work and inviting me to preserve your memories. If you would like to receive my complete Portrait Guide for Lamoureux Images, simply send an email to [email protected] and we will start the planning process for a wonderful portrait experience. 



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Slow Down & Cherish - Valentine Minis You have likely heard the news that I am hosting Valentine Minis in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in just a week!
As I gear up for these sweet and intimate sessions for spouses, I’m reminding myself that this time is going to be so much more than just quick and trendy themed portraits for the upcoming holiday!

Couples don’t often take the time to step aside to have photographs made together after their season of being newly engaged or newlyweds has come and gone. To be fair, it is something that is easily overlooked in the midst of a married couple’s mad-dash to divide and conquer life together!

That said, I am inviting the two of you to step away for just a little while on February 13th to take time to celebrate the meaning you add to one another’s lives.

Please feel welcome to come dressed up and ready for a sweet date with your loved one. We will capture images that will not only be cherished by the two of you, but likely your children and their children, in future years.

These sessions will be hosted in Jonesboro, Arkansas, indoors, in a cozy little Farmhouse that is simply perfect for capturing priceless images of couples. We will be adhering to social distancing guidelines during your session to ensure that you can have a relaxing time, free from worries.

In this whirling, changing, stressful time we live in, make time to document what matters most to you in the form of portraits. No one in your family will regret it! Let’s celebrate the never changing reality of the relationships we cherish most.

Love, Caitlin

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Heritage Recap What a joy it is to have a specific idea for a portrait experience, and see it finally come to fruition! 
This is exactly what took place over the course of last weekend.

Since September of 2020, I had been scheming about what it could look like to host a portrait experience that was tailored toward family Heritage. I didn’t know where I would host these, and who my vision would ‘click’ with, but I knew exactly how I wanted it to all come together, and guess what? It did!


Every day, I find myself seeking to fine tune just what Lamoureux Images is all about, and if you have been following me as of late, you have likely picked up on phrases like timeless photography, heritage, family and, keepsake portraits. The sessions we hosted this January gave us the opportunity to emphasize what matters most to us here at Lamoureux Images!


Years ago, I received advice from my uncle who had been in the professional portrait industry for many years. He stressed to me the importance of not being a ‘trendy photographer’; avoiding saturated colors and the ‘sun flares’ that were so popular at the time. Throughout my 13 years of growth in portrait photography, I constantly go back to what this means to me, and how it translates in my work.


As a client, it is on you to find a photographer who documents your life in a timeless way. There is a myriad of trends right now, but I want to strive for portraits that don’t just look good on your Instagram feed; I want your portraits to look good framed on your wall, in a way that will never look out of date. 


My friends, this is an art, and it takes serious discipline on my end, but I invite you to join me as we seek to chase after such imagery in your life.

I hope that these Heritage Session images impress upon you the need to document who we are and where we come from in the truest to life way possible, so that your portraits are guaranteed to be treasured and passed down through each and every generation.

Love, Caitlin



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What makes a meaningful portrait experience?


If you’ve read my blog post ( about preparing for family portraits, then you realize that I understand the expectations, stress, and planning that goes in to getting your family members on board and ready to pose for the camera. 

There’s no doubt that the holiday season heightens the pressure and stress you feel especially when you are rushing to get Christmas card portraits taken, designed, printed, and mailed in time before December 25th!

Next year, I will be expanding my Christmas portrait experience to entail a lot more that will help take the tedious steps out of Christmas portraits, but this season, I’m specifically taking time to design a portrait experience that is completely removed from the holiday hustle. 


When was the last portrait session you experienced that truly felt like a real treat? That wasn’t a ‘to-do’ but rather, a gift of a time that was intended to help you slow down and reflect on what is, rather than what needs to be done? That finds you not trying to work your schedule around 5-8 individuals, make sure everyone is in a good mood, time everything just right, smile for the camera, and then strike out to tackle the next thing in your life that needs tending to?


Enter, Heritage Portrait Sessions. 

I would like to invite you to gift yourself or a loved one to a portrait experience that is more like a date, that is after the holidays, and that is tailored for tiny groups of two or three that truly hones in on who you are and what specific people mean to you. 

Heritage Portraits will be hosted indoors in a charming environment. 

Gift vouchers can be given over the holidays, and your actual session will be held in late January once your busy schedule begins to finally slow down.

I want you to breathe a deep sigh and think on the meaningful people in your life who you would like to share something like this with.


Our goal will be to capture timeless images that will remain on display in your home through the decades, and passed on as keepsakes through generations.


These sessions are intended to celebrate relationships that have grown throughout the years, with people who have impacted you in a priceless way: siblings, a parent and child, an aunt and niece, adult grandchildren with their grandparent, a three generational keepsake image, a photograph of your newborn with their grandparents, a time to cherish and celebrate a milestone anniversary, or, simply the opportunity to photograph and celebrate a matriarch or patriarch in your family, or also, a time to bring in a best friend that means more than family to you, and capture portraits together with them.


What a gift!


These sessions will include one framed 5x7 that will be shipped to your person of choice in the weeks following your portrait experience. 


For more details, visit the Heritage Portrait page:, or fill out my contact form so that you can begin the process of truly gifting someone this Christmas with a priceless experience. 



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Choosing the Right Photographer
If the price is right, the date available, and the photographer seems like they know their stuff-most of us will go ahead and book a session, and let fate take its course. After all, these three criteria are often the most important details that are on our minds, correct? As true as this may be, there is a lot more to choosing a photographer than these basics, regardless of their significance. 

When time is short, holidays are approaching, and we are looking to achieve a perfect portrait that embodies our family's personality, sometimes it can be easy to overlook important factors that will influence our satisfaction with a portrait session, but don't make this mistake! Oftentimes, it's worth slowing down and really studying someone's work to ensure that their style fits our expectations. 

Photographers, all have their own methods and their own trademark looks. They want to speak to, and attract audiences that vibe with their particular work.

There are portrait photographers who specialize in formal posing, studio settings, traditional images with sharply lit subjects, and carefully put together group scenes.

Many photographs reflect particular styles because of the time of day they have been taken.
Some photographers, only shoot portraits outdoors, while others, only indoors.
Some photographers highlight candid moments, movement, informal posing, and lifestyle photography, while others stick to a more structured and formal style.

Though significantly different, each photographer shares the commonality that they are trying to get the attention of specific clients with specific tastes. 

Choosing a photographer who gets you...  

It's important to study someone's style, and note what draws you to that style. In addition, it's important to know your own style, and seek out a professional whose technique embodies how you want your family portrayed.

Don't be tempted to base your decision on the fact that someone's work is good, or that they may be the only option you can book at the time. It's better to wait and be selective, than invest in someone who might not be the right fit. 

Most photographers want to work with you to achieve your vision, but if your vision is a very formal and directed type of photo session, and the work a particular photographer showcases is whimsical, candid, and carefree, you may find that no matter how hard they try to work with you, your expectations may not be met. 

Talking on the phone, or face to face with a prospective photographer, is a great way to get a feel for their approach. If you feel like you are the one doing all the planning, directing, and brainstorming, perhaps you aren't working with the right person. In addition, if your family is easy going and is hoping for some relaxed images of the group having a good time, a photographer who comes across as rigid and formal, isn't going to capture what you need, no matter how long they have been in the business, or how talented they are.  

When looking for referrals and potential portrait opportunities, ask yourself the following questions as you narrow down your options:

1. What's my style?

2. What kind of photo experience am I looking for?

3. Have any of my friends had pictures made recently, that really speak to my family's personality, also?

4. Am I expecting the photographer to take photos that don't truly reflect anything I am seeing on their website?

5. Have I observed images from this photographer that are the exact opposite of what I'd want hanging on the walls of my home?  

6. Is this person fun to talk to and easy to get along with?

7. Am I getting the feedback that this photographer understands what I want, and is able to perform under my expectations?


As you reflect on the decision making that is ahead of you, I'll leave you with a quote by the late photographer and author, Ralph Hattersley: 

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

May your future portraits, capture all the meaning and significance of the season of life you are celebrating right now, in a way that matches your family's personality perfectly!

Much love,




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A Guide to Successful Family Portraits Thirty or sixty minutes to get the perfect family portrait? Depending on the size of your family, that's a lot of pressure, not necessarily for me, but for you!

In the days leading up to your session, you find yourself planning wardrobes, praying for good weather, and hoping everyone is in a good mood when the time arrives for the long anticipated portraits.

You've timed your little one's naps for the day, packed along their favorite stuffed animal or toy, and promised them that if they are good, perhaps you will all go out for cake and ice cream afterwards, or everyone will receive a surprise treat!

I can understand why as a whole, family portraits are a rather large commitment because there are so many behind the scenes details a parent commits to in order to make the whole arrangement turn out satisfactory.  

By the time the camera begins to click, most little ones are, understandably, done! I mean, think of everything they have already been through to just get to this point? (Parents honestly may be drained and ready for it to be over too, but you guys are a little more resolved to keep it together until the end of the session!)

I am not a parent, so I admit that I don't fully grasp what it can be like, but, I've photographed enough families to understand that portrait time is rarely if ever, something that most of us are just dying to experience. To add to it, moms and dads are investing their time and money when it comes to family portraits, and it's to be expected that everyone is secretly hoping for photos that are jaw-droppingly-wall-worthy against all odds.

So, to a certain extent, I do understand, and I want to make this tiny time frame all that it can be for my clients. This is why I've created a guide to help families start their photo sessions off on the right foot. 

First thing is first though, Lamoureux Images Family sessions cover up to two hours.
Yes, that's a long time that pretty much no one is not going to be too thrilled about! But, think of it more as a safety net for the unexpected. This gives us time to prep beforehand, tend to any last minute details, help the little ones overcome uncertainties about photos, and will even allow for an 'intermission' in the midst of photo time in case anyone needs a break to regroup and refresh a tiring smile. We don't have to keep going for a full two hours, but, it's important to know that the time flexibility is there to fall back on when needed. 

1. If time allows, meet with your photographer just a few days prior to your session.

Give your children the opportunity to put a name to a face when it comes to your photographer.
This doesn't have to be a long, formal meeting.

Sometimes when I am running errands or on my way to a session, and logistics add up, I try to schedule a time where I can meet up with a family or drop off product information and material for the upcoming session. This gives me a chance to shake hands, learn names, and express how much I'm looking forward to taking the family portraits.

This also gives you as parents the chance to say on your drive to the portrait location, "Remember, Caitlin? We are going to go see her again, and let her take pictures of us!"

This makes it a little more easy for a child to grasp, rather than informing them that some person they have never seen before, is going to take their portraits.  

2. Driving to the location: use this as a time to relax and prepare to have fun!

On the drive over, try to forget about timing and feeling the need to rush out of the car as soon as you arrive. Take a deep breath and maintain an attitude with your littles that you would if you were about to go to the park with absolutely no agenda and no pressure.

If you can, talk about how you can't wait to snuggle them, and give them kisses, chase them in the grass, and play peek-a-boo or ring-around-the-rosy. Ask them if they are going to do anything funny in their pictures, or if they have been practicing their smiles or even funny faces. 

Pull down your mirror, and practice making sweet smiles faces with them! Make it a game by calling out: "funny face!" or, "sweet face!"

Upon arrival, speak in calm reassuring tones. If they get out of the car and start running around or appear to not be ready to listen to the photographer just yet, don't worry or chide them. Let them get some wiggles out, greet the photographer, and explore the area you will be taking pictures in. 


3. Don't feel pressured to have perfectly behaved children!

During the session, don't allow the moods of your children or their energy to add pressure on yourself.
I promise, your photographer isn't judging you if your kids aren't behaving like angels!

It will be tempting to constantly prompt your children, call their names, tell them to 'come here' or 'sit down', ect.

Try to avoid this! Primarily for my sake. The moment you look away to chide a child, will likely be the exact moment they turn and toss an adorable smile my way, but then guess who is not looking at the camera: mom and dad! 

Recognize that there is A LOT going on from your child's perspective. A lot of voices talking around them, mom and dad giving them instructions as well as a stranger telling them what to do. This can be overwhelming for them, and you.


4. Resist the urge to insist, and avoid making it difficult for your photographer to communicate with your children.

Resist the impulse to insist to your child that they must do what is being suggested. Our goal is to not force anyone do to what they do not want to do. 

Your photographer also desperately needs to be able to communicate to your children. 80% of the time whatever the photographer suggests, won't be headed, and that is ok! Just make sure your photographer has the ability to speak softly to your children without having to talk over you. 

During this time, limit your words to encouraging phrases to your kids, rather than threats to take away treats or surprises that might have been promised if they behave.

Resist placing the burden on yourself to wrangle everyone in, and control the scenarios.
That's what you are paying the professional for. If your photographer needs help in a certain situation (for instance, if your little one just decides to run at high speed in the opposite direction), she'll be sure to ask for help!

Many times, my personal style has been to kindly follow the child's lead in order to get the perfect, happy shot.
If you have followed me long enough, you've noticed that few of my family photos are rigid images of everyone looking right into the camera. Most of my images, are the result of being flexible to the whims of the little people in the group. Embrace the unpredictable!

5. Shift the focus if the kids get anxious.

When a few family shots prove to be 'enough' for a while, and the kids need a moment to break away, roll with it and don't worry about chasing a runaway. This is a great time to shift the focus to sweet images of mom and dad, or, follow the kids around and snap candids as they explore.  

6. Regroup, high five, and speak words of encouragement.

As the session comes to a close, it's great to go for one more good family shot. Come back together (usually to whatever area your children may already be playing near, or at a spot that they pick out themselves).

Keep your words positive, tell your littles what an amazing job they've done, and how proud you are.

Remember through all of this, your photographer is snapping away, capturing those candid and sweet interactions. Focus on your family, not the photographer. Get lost in snuggles and kind words.

Eventually, your photographer will prompt everyone to look at the camera, for one more bright "say cheese!" moment, and then congratulate you and your family on a beautiful time of memory making and documenting the love you share. 


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This is Melissa: 

It's our second portrait session together, and I'm kind of thrilled that Melissa's photos are the ones I've chosen to use for my first blogpost here at Lamoureux Images. 

Getting the chance to hear someone exclaim "WOW!" at the sight of their own portrait, is the best gift I could ever be given. 

Melissa is a gem. When we first became friends, she introduced me to her huskie, shared about her heritage, sat and visited with me for hours over tea and yogurt, and made me smile at nearly everything.

She's passionate about her work, her family, her friends...

And I'm so thankful this neighbor added me to that friend list.

Photographers are given a special gift; you see, we often see the best in people, and it's during individual sessions like this, that we get to put all of our energy and focus into showcasing the best of what others were created to be.  



Melissa, thanks for shining bright! 

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