2022 with Lamoureux Images

June 27, 2022

Here we find ourselves on the brink of July 2022, and I am just now sitting down to write what I would normally call a HAPPY NEW YEAR article. Where has the time gone, friends?!

I serve many people who have been with me through the earliest days of my portrait journey and have given me so many wonderful opportunities to create portraits that only get better each and every year. I am so thankful for my irreplaceable, longtime clients! Seriously, some of you have had me take your senior pictures, then your wedding photos, and maternity, and now, family photos! I cannot say enough how much this kind of trust and loyalty means to me, to truly be YOUR family photographer.

Throughout the years we have captured some wonderful memories, and Lamoureux Images has grown into a dream come true, full-time business, thanks to all of you.  Because of this growth, we have implemented better ways of running this wonderful portrait service and if you are a returner, I want to take a moment to acquaint you with a few updates to how we will ensure your experience with Lamoureux Images is worthwhile. 

We highly encourage booking in advance...

This isn't anything too crazy. Many of you know that we travel often, and this makes it difficult to plan last minute sessions for our families. My favorite thing is to start the conversation as early as possible, so you and I can be on the same page. When booking, we set up your desired portrait date, and then a rain date to fall back on, in the event of poor weather. 

We ask all clients to sign an agreement at the time of booking...

Oh, the formality! In recent years, I have made the mistake of not requiring friends or acquaintances to sign an agreement out of mutual trust for people I know well. However, this is a disservice to my clients who I do hold to this standard and it is a disservice to my friends, because an agreement paints a broad picture of everything you can expect from Lamoureux Images, and how we operate. As of July 2022, every client who books with Lamoureux Images will be required to sign an agreement before your portrait session will be confirmed. 

We require a retainer at the time of booking...

A retainer is a portion of your session fee that is due the moment you book with Lamoureux Images and wish to secure a date. The retainer is subtracted from the total cost of your session, and you pay the remaining balance the day of your portrait session. Retainers are non-refundable, and cover the time I spend working with you, providing material, and the planning leading up to your session date. Retainers can be applied to a new session date in the event you need to reschedule for any reason. 

Prices have gone up along with the quality of our work...

Running a portrait business is expensive. In order to offer better service to our faithful customers, we have to cover expenses just like any other professional. Insurance, taxes, gear, software, website management, prints, books, marketing, education, travel, props, supplies, the list goes on!

I sometimes miss the simple days gone by where you paid me $80 and within 5 business days received a gallery of 100 photos from your session, but that was when I knew very little about quality, editing, and the value of up-to-date equipment. 

Our editing process is more thorough than it has ever been, and we treat each image you purchase from us with the honor it deserves, like a work of art. This sets us apart from what is typically known as a 'shoot and burn photographer'.

We have a style closet...

You heard me! I am so excited to announce our collection of clothing that is available to any woman who books with us at no additional cost. These pieces are available on loan and must be returned after your session. We have accumulated a variety of styles and sizes for ladies to choose from and offer maternity gowns as well. Just one last thing for mom (who often is the portrait coordinator), to have to think about when it comes to the portrait experience. 

We reward our raving fans...

If you have ever booked with Lamoureux Images in the past, you automatically receive $50 off mini sessions, and $75 off our 1–2-hour sessions. This is a way of saying thank you for your wonderful loyalty throughout the years. 







We have this thing we call a "Legacy Session"...

Potentially a new favorite! I give families who book a 1–2-hour session, the option to book a mini at half price, at a later date, in order to include extended family and get that quintessential family shot that Grandma and Grandpa want of all their children and grandchildren. This enables you to have your own personal and intimate portrait experience with just your immediate family, and then schedule a separate time to get everyone else involved to get that specific image Grandma is sure to be placing on the mantle for cherishing and enjoying.

I designed this after recognizing that families need lots of time, and large groups can quickly become weary especially with children involved. A 1–2-hour portrait session is something I will let families include a grandparent or two in, but when extended family members also want to be present, it's time to schedule a separate date. When it is all about that wonderful group shot, I let you book a mini at a discount and everyone wins!

Lamoureux Images truly would not be what it is without you. Thank you for recognizing the value of my work and inviting me to preserve your memories. If you would like to receive my complete Portrait Guide for Lamoureux Images, simply send an email to [email protected] and we will start the planning process for a wonderful portrait experience. 



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