A great way to capture your family enjoying stunning views while being able to savor the moment! No selfies necessary- we capture print-worthy images of your families' memories while you enjoy an authentic Wyoming experience! If interested 
in photos, please remember the following: 

-No availability for photos on weekends and Federal Holidays. 

-Bookings MUST be accompanied by a confirmed
riding reservation with Spring Creek Stables.  

-Requesting a photographer ahead of time is 
strongly encouraged. 

-We cannot photograph every ride since different 
groups leave simultaneously throughout the day,
but we can serve those who do request a photographer beforehand to ensure we capture images
of riders who desire photos.

-Unless you book a private ride, we cannot
ensure that other riders will not be in the background
of your images. We do not photoshop other riders out. 

-These images are documentary style photographs of your 
riding experience here at spring creek.

We do not encourage the following: stopping on the trail for a pose, getting off your horse during the ride for a photo, or going off trail in order to pose beside another rider. 

To request a photographer, click 

Please provide the same information when booking a photographer, that is affiliated with your riding reservation. 

No photo availability on weekends for horseback rides.
If you do not see a photo opening during the time
your ride is scheduled, it means someone else
has booked the photographer for this time. 


If you are looking for photos from your ride in case we photographed you, 
and you left before viewing, click here and provide the following details:


-Date of ride

-Time of ride

-Email address

-The name of your Wrangler (if you remember!)

If we photographed you, we will send you a gallery link containing the
photos of the day and you will be given the option to purchase them if you like what you see. 
Please keep in mind there is a chance we did not take photos during your specific ride
simply because we aren't able to be present during each one, which is 

why prior reservations are recommended if you would like a
photographer to be present on your specific ride.