“Caitlin, you are such a wonderful photographer! I am blown away!!

We have only gotten to see 110 or so, so far but oh my gosh!

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so very much.”



“I just wanted to thank you for everything this past weekend…you did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see the photos. Thank you again so much! I really hate having my photo taken, but you made the process easy and fun. Much appreciated.”


A solo photographer isn't typical these days, but here I am!
I started out photographing weddings right out of high school for friends and acquaintances, and solo shooting was all I knew. I just made it work! I studied other photographer’s methods, memorized the critical shots of a wedding day, and learned to hustle! Honestly, I am so invested in the day that I do not have the headspace to hash out details with another photographer. It’s just how I have chosen to operate, and I understand that is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Shooting solo enables me to know that files are handled exactly the way I want them to be handled. That I am not relying on someone else, waiting on them to send me their digitals so I can edit them, or risking a second shooter not having the same values for photography that I do. And you know what? It works!

The kind of couples who book me are typically....

Fun loving outdoor enthusiasts | Hire me to document the day as it unfolds and don’t have 100+ ideas they wish to recreate that they have seen other photographers create. Place more priority on candid images. | Book outdoor venues. | Work with wedding planners | Know that I place a limit on group photos with family,

bridal parties, etc., so there is more time to SAVOR the day!

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