November 10, 2019

This is Melissa: 

It's our second portrait session together, and I'm kind of thrilled that Melissa's photos are the ones I've chosen to use for my first blogpost here at Lamoureux Images. 

Getting the chance to hear someone exclaim "WOW!" at the sight of their own portrait, is the best gift I could ever be given. 

Melissa is a gem. When we first became friends, she introduced me to her huskie, shared about her heritage, sat and visited with me for hours over tea and yogurt, and made me smile at nearly everything.

She's passionate about her work, her family, her friends...

And I'm so thankful this neighbor added me to that friend list.

Photographers are given a special gift; you see, we often see the best in people, and it's during individual sessions like this, that we get to put all of our energy and focus into showcasing the best of what others were created to be.  



Melissa, thanks for shining bright!