November 20, 2020


What makes a meaningful portrait experience?


If you’ve read my blog post (https://www.lamoureuximages.com/blog/2019/11/a-clients-guide-to-successful-family-portriats) about preparing for family portraits, then you realize that I understand the expectations, stress, and planning that goes in to getting your family members on board and ready to pose for the camera. 

There’s no doubt that the holiday season heightens the pressure and stress you feel especially when you are rushing to get Christmas card portraits taken, designed, printed, and mailed in time before December 25th!

Next year, I will be expanding my Christmas portrait experience to entail a lot more that will help take the tedious steps out of Christmas portraits, but this season, I’m specifically taking time to design a portrait experience that is completely removed from the holiday hustle. 


When was the last portrait session you experienced that truly felt like a real treat? That wasn’t a ‘to-do’ but rather, a gift of a time that was intended to help you slow down and reflect on what is, rather than what needs to be done? That finds you not trying to work your schedule around 5-8 individuals, make sure everyone is in a good mood, time everything just right, smile for the camera, and then strike out to tackle the next thing in your life that needs tending to?


Enter, Heritage Portrait Sessions. 

I would like to invite you to gift yourself or a loved one to a portrait experience that is more like a date, that is after the holidays, and that is tailored for tiny groups of two or three that truly hones in on who you are and what specific people mean to you. 

Heritage Portraits will be hosted indoors in a charming environment. 

Gift vouchers can be given over the holidays, and your actual session will be held in late January once your busy schedule begins to finally slow down.

I want you to breathe a deep sigh and think on the meaningful people in your life who you would like to share something like this with.


Our goal will be to capture timeless images that will remain on display in your home through the decades, and passed on as keepsakes through generations.


These sessions are intended to celebrate relationships that have grown throughout the years, with people who have impacted you in a priceless way: siblings, a parent and child, an aunt and niece, adult grandchildren with their grandparent, a three generational keepsake image, a photograph of your newborn with their grandparents, a time to cherish and celebrate a milestone anniversary, or, simply the opportunity to photograph and celebrate a matriarch or patriarch in your family, or also, a time to bring in a best friend that means more than family to you, and capture portraits together with them.


What a gift!


These sessions will include one framed 5x7 that will be shipped to your person of choice in the weeks following your portrait experience. 


For more details, visit the Heritage Portrait page: https://www.lamoureuximages.com/heritage-portrait-sessions, or fill out my contact form so that you can begin the process of truly gifting someone this Christmas with a priceless experience.