Heritage Recap

January 28, 2021

What a joy it is to have a specific idea for a portrait experience, and see it finally come to fruition! 
This is exactly what took place over the course of last weekend.

Since September of 2020, I had been scheming about what it could look like to host a portrait experience that was tailored toward family Heritage. I didn’t know where I would host these, and who my vision would ‘click’ with, but I knew exactly how I wanted it to all come together, and guess what? It did!


Every day, I find myself seeking to fine tune just what Lamoureux Images is all about, and if you have been following me as of late, you have likely picked up on phrases like timeless photography, heritage, family and, keepsake portraits. The sessions we hosted this January gave us the opportunity to emphasize what matters most to us here at Lamoureux Images!


Years ago, I received advice from my uncle who had been in the professional portrait industry for many years. He stressed to me the importance of not being a ‘trendy photographer’; avoiding saturated colors and the ‘sun flares’ that were so popular at the time. Throughout my 13 years of growth in portrait photography, I constantly go back to what this means to me, and how it translates in my work.


As a client, it is on you to find a photographer who documents your life in a timeless way. There is a myriad of trends right now, but I want to strive for portraits that don’t just look good on your Instagram feed; I want your portraits to look good framed on your wall, in a way that will never look out of date. 


My friends, this is an art, and it takes serious discipline on my end, but I invite you to join me as we seek to chase after such imagery in your life.

I hope that these Heritage Session images impress upon you the need to document who we are and where we come from in the truest to life way possible, so that your portraits are guaranteed to be treasured and passed down through each and every generation.

Love, Caitlin